The VII Forum of Russian and Japanese Universities' Rectors

On May 19, 2018 President of The Russian Rectors' Union, Rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University Viktor Sadovnichy ushered in the VII Forum of Russian and Japanese Universities' Rectors in Sapporo on Hokkaido island. President of Hokkaido University Toyoharu Nava, Minister of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology of Japan Yoshimasa Hayashi, Deputy Minister of Parlament on International Relations of Japan Manabu Hori, Governor of Hokkaido Mr. Harumi Takahashi, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Sapporo Mr. Fabrichnikov A.A. took part in the opening ceremony.

The First General Assembly of the Association was held within the framework of the VII Forum of Russian and Japanese Universities' Rectors in which over 40 Rectors of the leading Russian and Japanese universities participated.

Following the tradition of joint student exchange programs when 100 Japanese youths attended MSU in 2014, President Viktor Sadovnichy invited Japanese students again for discussing common scientific projects within the framework of the International Youth Scientists Union. That idea was declared at the Festival of Students and Youth in Sochi in 2017 and then was discussed at the Meeting of the XI Russian Rectors Union Meeting attended by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on April 26, 2018.

President Viktor Sadovnichy welcomed the idea by President of Tokai University Professor Yamada of establishing a Russian-Japanese Students Council under the auspices of the Association of Russian and Japanese Universities, with the The Russian Rectors Union coordinating its work from the Russian side.

President Sadovnichy V. A. also invited Japanese universities to be co-organizers of the international Olympics on mathematics between school students of the both countries.

A round table "Russian and Japanese Cultural Dialog" was also arranged within the framework of the Assembly Meeting at which art historians and philologists from the universities of Japan and Russia took part. As a climax of the event a concept for the joint multi-disciplinary scientific project was launched.