The round-table about cooperation between MSU and Hokkaido University

On December 17, 2021 the round-table "Cooperation between MSU and Hokkaido University within the framework of the project "Global Station for Indigenous Studies and Cultural Diversity (GSI)" took place. It was organized by the Joint Center between MSU and Hokkaido University and the Association of Universities of Japan and Russia with the support of the Faculty of History of Moscow State University.

The leading professors and experts of Moscow State University, such as Prof. Kazmina Olga E. (Head of Ethnology Department of the Faculty of History, Head of International Relations Department of the Faculty of History), prof. Shukurov Rustam M. (PhD in History, Professor of the History of the Middle Ages of MSU specialized in political and ethno-cultural development of communities of the Middle Ages. He is an expert in History of Byzantium, Iran, Turkey and Central Asia), Tamas Kishbali (Phd in Art History who specialized in Art History and Archeology of Anatolia in the first millennium BC), Prof. Godina Elena Z. (PhD in Biology, Senior Research Officer of the Research Institute and Anthropology Museum after Anuchin D.N. of Moscow State University).

The following experts from Hokkaido University participated in the round-table: Prof. Taro YAMAUCHI (Ecological Anthropology), Dr. Nyanbe SIKOPO (Ecological and Social Anthropology), Dr. Akira SAI (Ecological Anthropology) and Prof. Hirofumi Kato (Director of the Project "Global Station for Indigenous Studies and Cultural Diversity (GSI)" and director of the Joint Center between MSU and Hokkaido University).

Within the framework of the round-table Prof. Hirofumi Kato introduced the project as an international research hub facilitating innovative collaborative research from the leading world universities, such as University of Oxford, Moscow State University, Lund University, Peking University, The Australian National University etc. The aim of the project is research of a cultural diversity and pecularities of indiginous communitis from the globe.

The experts of the both institutions presented their scientific interests, outlined and discussed the further steps of future cooperation in the field of cultural diversity of peoples in the world.

If you want to see the video of the round-table, please follow the link.